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Digitising Customer Loyalty

Reward loyal users & increase their engagement & loyalty using our Reward creation service. We will create rewards for your business in any niche and attract every potential customer, engage them, gain trust and make more sales!

How It Works

Plan Your Rewards

Choose the products/services you would like to create rewards for.

Create Rewards

We will create fully hosted beautiful stores, rewards & gift card pages

Scan QR Code

Your customers scan the QR code every time they shop with you and get points for their purchase.


Once they have enough points to redeem a reward, they click the redeem button and collect it from you

The Perfect Customer Retention Solution For Any Business

Looking for a way to show your appreciation? We can help!

We can create beautifully crafted rewards & gift cards for your business. With our state-of-the art rewards and gift cards, you'll be able to thank customers with special offers or discounts.

Our mobile based digital technology is perfect whether you run an online store or retail location. Make sure that the loyalty of your customer base continues by incentivizing them as often as possible.

It doesn't matter what type of business you operate... Here's just a small list of businesses that can benefit from our non-contact rewards and gift card service...

  • Juice Shop

  • Men’s Boutique

  • Auto Accessories

  • Custom Tailors

  • Pet Supplies

  • Bakery

  • Bar

  • Travel Agency

  • Car & Auto Works

  • House Cleaning

  • Massage Services

  • Makeup Services

  • Clinic

  • Clothing Boutique

  • Fast Food Joints

  • Sports Coaching

  • Coffee Shop

  • Book Store

  • Ice Cream Parlour

  • Toy Shop

  • Musical Instrument Shop

  • Chocolate Shop

  • Bike Shop

  • Art Shop

  • Fashion Accessories

  • Mobile Phone Shop

  • Baby Shop

  • Furniture Shop

  • Hardware Shop

  • Delivery Service

  • Laundry Service

  • Cosmetic Shop

  • Gift Shop

  • Sweet Shop

  • Grocery Shop

  • Electronics Shop

  • Vertinary Service

  • Flower Shop

  • Gym

  • Sports Bar

  • Gaming Studio

  • Crossfit Studio

  • Golf Studio

  • Dance Studio

  • Pet Day care

  • Yoga Training

  • Hotel

  • Indoor Sports Studio

  • Organic Food Store

  • Board Game Arena

  • Car rental

  • Insurance Company

More Than Just A Rewards System

RewardBright's SMART REWARDS system is the best way to incentivize customer loyalty. Unlike outdated paper-based rewards and gift cards, RewardBright offers a variety of ways for you to grow your business...

What if you could make your customers feel like they are part of a special club with an exclusive membership? RewardBright's digital customer loyalty program gives them the opportunity to enjoy store discounts, promotions and newsletters.

When scanning QR codes or buying gift cards online, your customers are prompted for their email address. This allows you to easily notify your loyal customers about special offers, promotions, new products or services, and general news about your business.

It's an excellent way of nurturing customer relationships and keeping them up to date on what's happening at all times.

Why should you have our reward system?

RewardBright will allow you to -

  • Engage & Improve Loyalty

  • Attract More Users/Buyers

  • Easily collect leads & segment them

  • Easly use the system with no learning curve

  • Create rewards very quickly with 3 simple steps

  • Create Free or Paid Gift cards

Give exceptional experience to your customers with these features!

  • Customers can Redeem rewards by scanning QR code

  • Attract customers using Eye-catching reward designs and images

  • Looks great on both mobile and tablet devices

  • Customers can Redeem rewards by scanning QR code

  • Get customers' lead list and redeemed reward details

  • Set your own reward point for rewards & Gift cards

Make it easy for your customers choose you over any other business with timely rewards & exciting gift cards! Just let us know the products/services that you want to add as a reward, we will add it and make it visually attractive for your customer

The perfect rewards program for your physical or online store. Your walk-in, or online customers can simply scan your QR code to collect points & redeem rewards with no physical touch!

Contact Us Today! You'll have your customers coming back, time and time again.

  • QR Code Redeem

  • Create Unlimited Gift Cards

  • Create Unlimited Rewards

  • Responsive Pages

  • Collect Leads

  • Track Results

Plus... For A Limited Time We're Waiving The Setup & Establishment Fee